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Latest Updates - 05/01/2010

Happy new year and new decade to everyone!

I have updated the colour scheme of the site as it was looking a bit dreary.

I have also created an updated version of gjukebox also which fixes issues with album art downloading and some issues with 64-bit Ubuntu.


About Me

I am a student from the UK currently studying a MENG (Masters Degree) in Electronic Engineering at the University of Surrey.

This site is dedicated to some of my projects over the last few years, these include Electronics projects, GNU/Linux based projects, and my other hobbies.

My last major project I was a jukebox for my parents bar, this is basically a build of the gjukebox with quite a few of my personal bug fixes (and several from nopane on sourceforge) installed into a Ubuntu Hardy OS but now also works on later versions too.
My guide to build this can be found under Linux Projects along the top.

I'm currently working on a new PC fan speed controller based on my previous build (originally based on this) although this is currently on hold as I'm working at the moment.

My parents have just opened a Bunkhouse at their pub in the Forest of Dean, if you like the great outdoors visit their site: HERE

This site is still very young and pages are being added as and when I make them, so bear with me if anything doesnt function!

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