How-To install Gjukebox on Ubuntu Hardy (8.04) or Later


New Gjukebox Install Scripts

I have now rewritten the script to pull album art from as opposed to the now defunct amazon web services.
The new version is available HERE (previous version available at the bottom of this page). This version contains all my previous fixes plus an updated ubuntu-build script which now works correctly on 64-Bit installs also.
Also a new bug was found in the album search which has been fixed in the above release.

Install steps are listed below:


1. System Setup

Install Ubuntu (Ubuntu and its derivatives can be found here:
Install all the updates aswell when you have a working system.
Its a good idea to make sure you have sound and internet connection working at this point, you obviously wont be able to download the updates if you arent conected to the net.


2. Install

Download the tar archive listed above (available HERE) and untar it somewhere convenient.

Open a terminal and navigate to the directory you untarred the jukebox to.
Then run './ubuntu-build' this will ask for your sudo password and install the required packages.
It will also ask you questions about the jukebox, if you dont know the answer then use the default, make sure to remember the mysql password you set and so on.


3. Using the Jukebox

Once the jukebox install script has completed successfully restart your system to allow all the new settings and systems to startup correctly.
Once rebooted open up firefox and navigate to http://localhost/gjukebox, the username and password will be admin and 2bchanged.
explore the admin settings of the jukebox, in the user section you can change this password to be whatever you like.

Now you have a completely setup and functional jukebox, you can rip music from within the admin login of the jukebox and play as any jukebox should. ;-)

Heres a screnie of the working jukebox: (courtesy of

Screenshot of Metal Theme in Action

Here are the versions of this installer that I have created:
gjuke_2.2.tar.gz (06-01-10)
gjuke_2.1.tar.gz (05-01-10)
gjuke_2.tar.gz (23-10-09)