Raspberry or Strawberry Wine



1. Use fully ripe berries, even if a little squishy. Remove the hulls and wash the berries under cold water to remove any dust that might be on them. Place the fruit in a clean bucket with the juice and zest of the lemon, the tannin or tea, and the sugar. Pour the boiling water over the fruit then mash the berries with a masher and make sure the sugar disolves. Then cover the bucket and leave to cool before adding the crushed campden tablet and pectic enzyme. Recover the bucket and wait for 24 hours.

2. Once the 24 hours is up add in the yeast and yeast nutrient and then recover and leave for 4 days stirring daily.

3. The must is now ready to be strained into a demijon. Carefully strain the liquid out of the micture into the demijon making sure not to get any of the pulp into the mix. Once you have extracted all the juice top up the demijon to just below the neck with boiled (but cool) water, it is good to add a little sugar into this aswell to re-excite the fermentation.

4. Leave the wine to ferment until dry and rack when necessary to aid in the clearing.

This wine is a nice light pink coloured wine, below are some pictures of the wine when it first went into the demijon.

Photo of wines brewing